Alexandra Atnif

Born & raised in Bucharest, Romania.
Studied architecture & classical music.
Relocated to Los Angeles in 2009.
Main influence on my music and aesthetics is brutalist architecture, I’ve been fascinated with it for several years, including remembering many brutalist architectural sights in the Eastern Bloc, particularly in Romania. The repressive, almost hypnotically bleak grey visuals of giant concrete buildings influenced me to create a musical version of my architectural fascination & I though of the term ‘rhythmic brutalism’ to describe my music. My personal origin is more in classical music than techno, but I’m also influenced by old Rhythmic Industrial music (like Esplendor Geometrico, Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, and many others), as well as experimental & noise music. I also enjoy more experimental techno and electronic music (like Autechre, Pan^Sonic and Scorn) – those are some of my favorites. I also very much like the Rhythmic Noise or Drum’n’Noise sound of Winterkälte and similar acts on labels such as Hands & Ant Zen.
My own sound is purposely created very stripped down and minimalistic but also very heavy and harsh, almost like rhythmic skeletons and just noises and distortion added, like metal meets cement.
That’s my inspiration, to create my ‘Rhythmic Brutalism’.
It’s important that I record and produce everything DIY style only on cheap equipment and freeware, I don’t have any expensive synthesizers or vintage equipment. I use a very minimalistic approach, I do it out of inspiration and I have my own musical vision and my sound is still developing as I only started to make beats two years ago, I’m still & forever student of the music.
I hope people find beauty in my sounds, just like I find beauty in Brutalist Architecture, regardless of how unfriendly it might seem at first!