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VALANCE SAYS: I heard about about enabl.ed (Jimmy Batista) through Myng from Global Vortex Records, I always found his stuff wicked as one day I wanted to be experimental like that, I had the opportunity to do a remix for him for his The Perfect Provider project for concrete plastic records in the UK. Doing this project with him was a pleasure the sounds were bouncing back and forth and made the ep pretty much under a week.

JIMMY SAYS: I met Valance through soundcloud  and the friendship was mutual. A collab never came to focus because of the projects I was currently working on. Time passed with a few releases later and we decided to…put together one project to see how the project went … i thought it would be a great idea mixing both of our sounds together. First track was born, and Valance’s Audio design was incredible. It just worked. Why not make an EP? Thus…it began… the new crazy abstract IDM that came out of us was so beautiful, it just flowed. We wanted to set some kind of ambience mixed in with some strange sounds as well. Sometimes the beats on the EP, cant catch up with itself… but the beauty of it all…is that it makes sense.

iameb 57 is Jimmy Batista. A producer from New York who also releases music under Artificial Dreamer. Under his iameb 57 alias he produces more Melodic Glitch IDM, and Braindance music.

He Also produces IDM under the Alias “Enabl.ed”

iameb stands for
++ -I- -AM- -Eating- -Beats-: 5 Kicks, 3 Snares ,8 Drum Sequences, 2 hi-hats, 5 Re-sampled customized loops, 3 Pads, 5 Synths, 18 Mixer channels, & 8 Glitch Automatons = 57 ++

Valance Drakes formally known as MusSck is a Experimental Producer from London City who started back in 97 after listening to the releases of Delarosa and Asora: Sleep Method Suite, Aphex Twin: Come To Daddy EP & Autechre: Chiastic Slide. 15 years later he’s still taking his journey into sound . He not smart enough to understand Max / Msp or Reaktor, his music style sounds like dreams are being stolen as well as Ironman on Ketamine.