Marshall Applewhite


Detroit based producer/DJ Marshall Applewhite has set himself off into a journey of sonic terror reaching out to the late night, early morning, ears of exotic dance music fans around the globe. His sound, albeit jarring at times, encompasses the gritty nature of the city he brought up in. Co-heading the sludge movement with The Friend, Applewhite has brought new life into the techno world. Slow low, acrid, low frequency soundscapes are all apart of what makes Applewhite unique in an overpopulated world of generic music. With a slew of releases out on Detroit Underground, How To Kill, Clan Destine, Senseless Neon and his own YoSucka! Music, Marshall is showing no sign of slowing down.
If edm is drug music, Marshall Applewhite is the anti drug. Every 16 year old on molly would run from this stuff. Every person who understands underground dance music though, they will get it, they will love it.