Dj, producer and creator of performative acts. He worked in the music press and set about organizing events related to electronic music, such as organizator of musical events or concerts …

Collaboration with other musicians and visual artists with Arturo Lanz (Esplendor Geométrico), Vera (Black Egg), Shorai, Albert Giménez, T.I.K., Groof, H.I.V+, Projekto Hombre, D-Forma, Babylone Chaos, Fran Del Amo, Proyecto Mirage, Pangea, Contagious Orgasm, Fiumfoto, Geistform, Victor Haze, Thr3hold, Vasarart…

Albums and Ep’s:

– Dj Mauri vs. Projekto Hombre – Cosmobolita (12”) UMF. 2002.

– Mauri – Breathless (cd). Kubernoise 2003.

– Dj Mauri vs. Projekto Hombre – Urbanization EP (12”) UMF 2005

– Mauri- Rockin’ Beats EP. Technoise 2006.

– Unforeseen Heights – Naught (cd/mp3). Enough Records 2007.

– Mauri – Audiovisual Memory (Dvd/mp3) Audiovisual Theorem 2007.

– Fluxus – Mental Illnes (cd). Unknown Pleasures/Opn Records 2014.

– Mauri – Time plays with me (mp3). Little rascal records 2014.

– Mauri – Sweep Generators (cd). Kvitnu 2015.

– Mauri – PulsOPtic (cassette). Detroit Underground Records 2015.

Compilations made by Mauri:

– Sonar a la Carta (Sonar Festival). Electro 90’s. Transdata (Dj Mauri & T.I.K.). ‘Electro sessions’. 1998. (Spain).

– Impromeetin’ 2010. Various artists. Mp3. 2010 Surrism-Phonoetics (Germany).

– Impromeetin’ 2011. Various Artists. Mp3. 2011. Enough Records (Portugal).


– “Abstract & Harsh Ironworks” (cd, album, Ltd). H.I.V+- Intelligence & sacrifice. Divine Comedy Recds 2001.

– “Trees On Oscillation” (LP). H.I.V+- Armageddon (Mauri X-Tat Cleaner remix). Divine Comedy recds. 2001

– “Triton Compilation III” (2 CD). H.I.V+ Intelligence & sacrifice. Triton recds 2002.

– “Censored Frequencies/Other Mystic Territories” (2 Cd, albun, Ltd, Dig). H.I.V+- Deep Expansion (featuring Mauri). Divine Comedy Recds 2002.

– “Hypnoise Movement & Harsh Ironworks” (Cdr). H.I.V+- Hypnotic Attack (featuring Mauri). Nein Recds 2003.

– “Univers Carceral” (2 CD). Babylone Chaos- AYP:2X2L (Chaotic remix by Mauri). Divine Comedy Recds. 2005.

– Silver Rosa EP. Synthnat- ‘Silver Rosa (Dj Mauri remix)’. LGM Label. LGM 013 on Beatport, 2009.


– “Trees On Oscillation Vol. 2” (Cd). Black-out. Divine Comedy Recds. 2001.

– “Armageddon’s Report” (Cd). Delirium Process. Divine Comedy Recds. 2003.

– “Empire Of Chaos” (Cd). Deep Expansion (Live vs H.I.V+). Kubernoise 2003.

– “Das Bunker: Fear Of A Distorted Planet” (2 Cd). Distorted Reality (Geistform remix). Das Bunker Recds 2006.

– “Die Maschine/Der Einbruck/Don’t Touch This”.(12”) Don’t touch this. PourSound Recds 2006.

– “Hijos De Puta Peligrosos” (Mp3). Linfa / Wake up/ Sysex. Technoise Recds 2006.

– “Electronic Manifesto” (2 Cd). Critical Day (featuring Victor Haze). Caustic Recds 2007.

– “Trax Magazine”. Cyriax. 2007.

– BroadcASTing Art_ Mapeando el paisaje sonoro Asturias (CD). ‘Cuatro pates tien el horrio’. 2009 (Spain)

– Various artists – “Asturies” (Mp3). ‘Dither (live at Laboral 2008)’. Miga36, 2009 (Spain)

– Various artists- “Electronic Aid to Haïti” (2X CD). “Sont prenom est…(part II)”. Sigsaly Transmission Records. 2010 (Texas, EEUU).

– Various artists- Go Mag -compilation cd-(CD). ‘Gestrom (Mr. Elijah mix)’. 2010 (Spain).

– Various artists- Elektrodomésticos 2. 3 X 12”. 3X CD. ‘Realidad Virtual’. 2010 Fundamental Records (Spain).

– Various Artists- Elektrodomésticos 3. 3 X CD. ‘Automatique (feat. Misstake and Anti$tailo). 2011 (Spain).

– Electro for Japan. Various artists. Mp3. Warm leatherette (HIV+ cover). 2011. Discogs.

– Various Artists- 5 años de Casiminifest vol. 2 – “Intro live Casiminifest”. 2015 Bandcamp.