Qebo Band Pic (Alex Retsis)

Qebo were formed by Alex Retsis & George Aggelides in the late 90’s. Their first release was Flopper (CD, LP) from Vibrant Music / Basic Channel / EFA in 2003, and the second was Wroln (CD, Enhanced) from LO-Z Recordings in 2007. Qebo explore electronic music by combining organic elements, synthetic rhythms and glitchy sound design into structured fragments of information. Over the years, Qebo have performed live shows in Greece and many other European countries. Their journey into sound, is currently being carried forward by Alex Retsis. Composer, music producer & sound designer Alex Retsis has been active in the field of discography since 1998 and in theatre, TV and advertisement since 2009. In 2012, he set up (along with international techno DJ George Apergis) two record companies – the techno label “Modular Expansion Records” and the experimental label “Anthropos-Mekhane”. He has performed concerts in Europe (England, Italy, France, Spain, Serbia and Norway; including the Institute of Arts in Berlin, PACE – De Montfort University, and legendary clubs Berghain & Tresor) and has participated in domestic festivals and events such as Synch, Bios, Mediaterra and many others. Alex Retsis is also the founder Videogame Orchestra (chiptune side-project act with George Aggelides). Retsis was an endorsed artist of the Japanese synthesizer company KORG and the Greek representative Bon Studio S.A with his EMEX project, alongside George Apergis. He is also a professional sound designer & provides beta-tester services, for innovative audio software developers Glitchmachines. Retsis recently designed the signature library “New City” for sound specialists Soundmorph and has also designed sounds for Twisted Tools. His latest collaboration is with German audio pioneers Native Instruments.
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