The driving electronica of SciFiSol (Christina Broussard), awash in psychedelic rhythm and texture, lusters with an unforgettably strange and exotic brilliance. Born of gritty metallic machines in search of telepathic connection, her sound reaches through the chaos of static to grasp a utopian dream within our midst. She began her musical escapades over a decade ago as a drum and bass producer and vocalist and has since expanded her sound to encompass multiple genres, including IDM, ambient, techno, and industrial. Over the years, she has developed a unique sound, showcasing it with releases on several record labels including a debut full length album on Pleasure Boat Records (Seattle), which has been described by Dave Segal of The Stranger as a “distinctively enchanted sound that explores some deeply eerie, psychedelic realms.” Truly a chameleon of electronica, her remix work has also expressed a broad range of styles including darkwave, drum and bass, leftfield IDM, and techno. Her hardware based live performance act is available for booking now.

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