Wolff Parkinson White


Jochen Rueckert started programming electronic music under the alias “Wolff Parkinson White” in 2001. Originally from Cologne, Germany, raised on contemporary classical music of the electronic pioneers of his hometown, flummoxed by drum and bass in his early teens, gagged by constant Euro techno but ultimately mesmerized by the rise of Aphex Twin and later Venetian Snares, the now NYC-exiled started messing around with beats on his laptop as an alternative to constantly masturbating while on lengthy tours during his main work as a busy jazz drummer. Constrained to only working digitally on his cheap laptop and headphones, Wolff Parkinson White soon figured out a way to offset his limited workspace with interesting meters and sophisticated harmony. With three self released full length albums, an Ep and a plethora of hard to find remixes under his belt, expanding his musical language to quartertonal endeavors, and fast approaching age 40, WPW has finally found his way to detroitunderground records for his new EP “Ersieihnum”- as in “Bat er sie ihn umzubringen? ”