XZICD first showed up in early 2005 thanks to a box of Golden Grahams and the demo of Dance EJay that came with it. From there on, it’s all very blurry and sketchy, with the sole constant being the exploration of Electronic Music and all she can offer.

XZICD believes that it’s ultimately pointless for him to do the same song twice, or anything resembling what preceded it. In a world where technology evolves every day, Electronic Music follows the same pattern, offering infinite possibilities to what you can do. This is where he likes to be. In between all the new software, hardware, effects units and strange unclassifiable hybrids; XZICD likes to try all they can offer, trying out infinite combinations and approaches. Never forgetting the not so distant past, old decrepit gear is a go for him as well: from VHS sampling, to old tape recorders, anything at his disposal that produces or records sound will inevitably be used.

Lately he’s grown an interest into recording every day sounds, applying them in unusual ways to his compositions. That cheesy Citroën Saxo that sped up on his street trying to conquer all the ladies with its loud engine and tuning skills? His brand new synth line. The opposite has been explored on the past couple of years as well: creating clean, unfiltered sounds through software and hardware that will later be sequenced with uncommon methods with absolutely no effects or compression whatsoever; just pure Electronic Music as he sees it.

He’s not the biggest fan of descriptions towards his music. He prefers to let it do the talking and with such a varied and unpredictable discography under his name already, all you can expect in the future is the unexpected.

more on xzicd here.