EEZIR – Tilting Trail – BPLCRP11


Midwest-bred, LA-based EEZIR makes a return appearance on Detroit Underground with his Tilting Trail EP, a psychedelic romp through canyons of bass and shards of beats.

Picture yourself in the title track, Tilting Trail, as a videogame character bobbing and weaving between the smoking ruins of post-Skynet nuclear earth while dodging sonic bombs and lasers. By the second track, Shadows, the eerie metallic whispers of post-apocalyptic ghosts induce paranoia as the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. As you wander into the dark tunnel of Freelease, the sense of menace grows as a stomping, screaming, black steel monstrosity confronts you while beyond it, you can just make out the light of day waiting for you, should you survive.

EEZIR makes beautiful, broken soundscapes akin to John Carpenter making electro-bass music with the broken skulls of Terminators and the innards of 80s video game consoles.

released October 23, 2015

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