NightRadio – Форменное Bezobrazie (extended edition) BPLCRP12


Experimental live album performed on various devices, including phones and tablets with SunVox modular synth.

Alexander Zolotov (aka NightRadio) is a software/hardware developer and audio-visual artist from Russia (Ekaterinburg). He writes computer music since 1995, after diving into the magic world of the demoscene and trackers (FastTracker and others). Since the 2000, he began to write his own cross-platform software: PsyTexx (oldschool tracker for slow PDAs), SunVox (tracker and modular synth), PixiTracker, Virtual ANS (simulator of the unique Russian synthesizer ANS), PhonoPaper (technology of playing sound from paper), Pixilang programming language, etc. Now only these apps are used for the NightRadio’s music creation. Since 2015 he also began to create some experimental electronic devices like DU-QVJ, Quantum DJ and Quantum VJ.


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