Locomobile – Music Is Random [BPLCRP16]


Locomobile – Music Is Random
Label: Detroit Underground
Catalog #: BPLCRP16

My head pivots, eyes flashing from left to right and back, the red and burning sun illuminating the broken metal beneath my feet, nuts and bolts and screws rocking back and forth in time to my panicked heart and my sweating pores. Swiveling across the terrain. They close in. I feel them coming. I hear shattering and shaking. I hear trembles in my flesh.

At some point, it subsides. The sky continues to burn but there are stars distant and lit and I find shelter beneath a sheet of metal, providing no warmth but pleasant dreams and I drift out of the fire and into the darkness which greets me with cool air and melodic lullabies made of code. Bouncing thrill deep within my gut, fish leaping through intenstines, fish swaying in harmonious and coordinated dance. Somewhere beneath the water, I find solace.

When I wake, I clutch to a ball of wires. It’s invisible eyes blink slowly at me. Most inhuman of humanity staring at me. It is quiet and hot and the sky hates all. But those eyes, those fucking eyes, perhaps real, perhaps existing somewhere behind my own eyelids, somewhere hidden amongst my own ball of wires enclosed in bone and protected by flesh. Perhaps I sleep. Perhaps I’m dead. But they blink, and I clutch that ball of wires tangled between my crumpled hands and fingers that lean this way and that. I am mangled and tangled and lost somewhere. But this is my friend. It opens its mouth and cries to me, this ball of wires in blue and black and grey and red. And it cries. And we cry.

And we walk towards fire, climbing over broken bodies of lost civilization, climbing mountains of steel.

Locomobile’s Music is Random (released on Detroit Underground) is sultry, lost, mechanic and otherworldly all at once. Bouncing organic bass broken by the sound of rising suns and lost voices leaves the listener crawling across barren terrain searching for love and grasping for the gentle curve of a woman’s waist.

Locomobile is based in Belgium.

Cover design by Beeple™

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