Adam Jay – Maxia Zeta

Back on Detroit Underground, Adam Jay’s “Maxia Zeta” is the sci fi
soundtrack of a movie that hasn’t been made yet, blending melodic
sensibilities and technical mastery of the beat for a second LP of
futuristic electro.

From the cinematic beginnings of the title track “Maxia Zeta” to
“Triacus”, a song easily evoking the cold vacuum of space, this
veteran producer traverses the known (and unknown) galaxy for
sounds. In his quest, he finds the sonic equivalent of an ancient
life form as it strains and struggles to take shape in the
atmosphere of a new planet, as evidenced in the rubbery push-pull
of “Dynaform.” The imagery evoked throughout is spacious and clean,
as if watching the extraordinary happenings of the universe through
the thin protection of a pressurized cabin, only inches from the
endless expanse.

Electro has long been a genre that looks back to look forward, and
this is a musical time capsule, shot into space and floating on the
precipice of the event horizon at the very moment of being
pulled into the next dimension.


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Write up by DJ SHIVA aka noncompliant

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