How Dragons Disappear – Frec – BPLCRP5

So what you will hear is an exaggerated vision of my personal feelings.
A psyche cartoon style of contrast, with the usual love and fear themes.
So I’m talking’ about my dreams, my mistakes, and the end of the world !
In a personal way…

This album was fully made using only a teenage engineering OP-1, except the track dreapw where you can also heard my homemade Jazzmaster (thanks dad)
OP-1 is a pretty lovely machine, ideas come so quick ! and the synthesis are really alive ! was immediately in love at first touch with it.
Have been working last years only with sequencers, and i think it was a mistake. I think i really need some keys to make a more orchestral feeling, and the inside tape can massive layering instantly !

cat# BPLCRP5

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