Module One -Rebirth – BPLCRP8

The first tracks from the LP were recorded indoors of the hospital with the use of an iPad, different tape recorders and instruments brought there by friends of Victor. These recordings were later arranged into full tracks. This LP has a nature of a diary where the tracks are somewhat like notes that have to be read in awhile when things pass. It was also highly inspired by traveling across Russia and by its beautiful nature and people that were a part of this journey. However a few tracks are glorious flashbacks connected with a year spent in the State of Indiana, USA.

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Kick10 / Creeptone / Module One
Victor Kiktenko of Rostov, Russia started to immerse into music at the age of 14 . His new interest was taken from an underground community of musicians and street artists of his hometown Novocherkassk. Playing his first DJ set in a local club Attika, he defined his goals for the future. In two month he becomes a resident DJ of a local club Krystall where he works ilegaly considering the fact of his age and plays some gigs at different public events. The next year Victor goes to the US as a student and presents his radioshow Emotions on WMRS 107.7FM (Monticello, IN) where he plays all kinds of modern electronic music. After all, the new horizons were opened. Victor starts to get more recognition in his own country based on his radio show in the US. By that time he created his first solo production project – Creeptone. Doing some recording work, Creeptone releases his tracks on labels like System Recordings, Polytechnic recordings and the label of his Russian mates IB Digital. Mostly all of the early works by Creeptone were influenced by music heard during the DAR Sessions held in Rostov by Denis A. In the next few years Victor gets back to his roots and switches his attention to Detroit-influenced Deep House and Techno music. He creates his second alias Kick10 specially for these kinds of music. As Kick10 Victor has some releases on labels like Centric Music, Pleasure Garden. After his work as Kick10, the third alias was created. Module One is dedicated specially to Detroit and Berlin flavored Techno music, ambient and experimental electronica. Right now Victor works on his Module One productions that have gained a lot of interest from the side of his colleagues with releases on labels like Traum Schallplatten and Tulipa Recordings, Labrynth and Bullet:Dodge and his own platform Relay.


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