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An early collaborator with Richie Hawtin, Rex started his subterranean Detroit trek with hard techno and minimal via D-Records, a precursor to M-nus, around 1998. He just released a remix for Plastikman’s Extended Arkives called Marbles and again returns to his minimal roots with his first release on DETUND. EXIT 98 Detroit is the fifth installation in the DBOY™ digital series.

Desolate and driving, Exit 98 Detroit echoes its way into your inner ear, evocative of cavernous warehouses and Windsor-Detroit’s blighted innovation. “Back [in 98] I was always going over to Windsor to record some of the D tracks. I was chilling at the border when it struck me that I was exiting the country to record. My studio setup was very old school with no computer to record tracks, they went straight onto DAT tape then later transferred over to Sound Forge to edit. I made these songs using an Analog 24 channel mixer, Ross Spring Reverb Digitech, Lexicon, PV and Roland F/X units. The rest was 808, 909, 606, 202, 303, two Sequential Circuits Prophet 5’s, Drumtrax and some old Korg.” Experimental back then, Exit 98 Detroit transcends time with a classic techno sound.


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Rex Sepulveda hails from Detroit and is one of D-Records original producers. His long tenure in the Detroit Electronic Music scene has enabled him to develop a consistent ability to capture the subtle elements of music being produced globally and implement them into a sound that is distinctly Detroit while at the same time having an evolutionary sound.

In 1996 Rex started tracks for a label called “Development” – which was at that time a sub-label of Rich Hawtin’s Minus label dedicated to new and upcoming producers in the Detroit area. Hawtin had devoted a studio space for the artists to come and record tracks, and out of these sessions came the two development compilations in 1997.

In 1998, Lenny Bartush, Rich Hawtin, Tom Newman, Clark Warner and Rex formed what is now known as D Records. Rex has released 5 intense cuts on D Records, with two remixes of Fred Giannelli’s track on D 11. Rex has also remixed a classic Plus 8 track the Wipe and a Beira track on Flumo recordings.

Rex is a consummate producer, spending most of his time behind his computer laying down amazing tracks, most of which are for use in his now epic live shows. With technology speeding up, Rex has been able to successfully integrate his DJ skills and live performance of his own music into 1 seamless package that always works well on the dance floor.

Rex does not only produce dance music, but also likes to manipulate sound to produce experimental ambient music, none of which has been released yet. You can hear a live set of this style in one of his two sets on 11-6-04 at His tracks have been featured in mix CDs and reviewed in magazines such as URB, Wire, De:Bug and Mix Mag.

When Rex plays he is known to present a solid blend of minimal and tech-house, venturing up to banging acid techno if the crowd is up for it. Usually he likes to make things more interesting by experimenting with unreleased material to gauge the crowd response. Rex has had the privilege of playing alongside the likes of Rich Hawtin, John Acquaviva, Adam Beyer, Sammy D, Surgeon, Fred Giannelli and Vladislav Delay, to name a few. He has played parties, festivals and clubs in North America and overseas. Some of these sets can be heard on, under his various monikers.

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