Coushin – Ender [DBOY9]

Coushin – Ender / Detroit Underground™ / Dboy09 by Coushin


Coushin in the 50% of Agony Forces techno duo, they have released several references during last years in labels as: Warm up, Semantica or Tsunami.

Under this aka, he develops his more intimate musical side, making traveling IDM, and moving his sound to melancholy terrain developed from their own life experience. Soundscapes, glitches and breaks are mixed to result in a “collage” in which we hear different styles ranging from the “avant techno” to “hip-hop.” skill and sensitivity come together to set the musical imagination of an emerging artist that easily expands through different contemporary codes.

Coushin es el 50% del duo de techno Agonyforces con el que ha editado diversos trabajos durante los dos ultimos años en sellos de la talla de: Tsunami, Warm up o Arms.

Bajo el nombre de Coushin desarrolla su faceta musical más intimista, fabricando una suerte de IDM que viaja hacia un terreno melancólico desarrollado a partir de su propia experiencia vital. Paisajes sonoros, glitches y breaks se entremezclan para dar lugar a un “collage” en el que se escuchan diferentes estilos que van desde el “avant techno” hasta el “hip-hop”. Ritmo, destreza y sensibilidad se dan la mano para configurar el imaginario musical de un artista emergente que se explaya sin dificultad a traves de diferentes códigos contemporáneos.

Ender is the name of Coushin’s debut release on Detroit Underground’s
dboy digital series. An artist who’s music can be described as
“melancholic IDM” or “millimetric avant-techno”, Coushin possess an
undeniable connection to traditional IDM, from early Aphex Twin, LFO
and Autechre to more recent Warp releases like AFX and Rustie.

Opulence starts off the record with flowing and lush FM synths that
pour between the precise electro rhythms and white noise hits. The
name of the track holds true in this engulfing composition and immense
production, really filling out the speakers .

Heild uses retro sounding ambient synths with a high-tech fidelity.
The danceable rhythm, pulsating choir-esque pad, acid lines and
intricate glitches bring a sharp edge and a sense of nostalgia to the

Alonedon is a brain-dance club banger. With a hard hitting kick,
abstract and stretched granular synths, flickering hats and laser
snares move the groove forward while the catchy acid/synth hook keeps
it groovy.

Ender is the new-school break beat title track. Old school breaks meet
futuristic synth lines and glitchy but clean percussion. The complex
rhythms and old-school warmth, which seems to be missing in a lot of
contemporary IDM, will get your head bobbing and mind working.

Agony Forces delivers a pumping techno remix of Heild with a hard
hitting kick, rolling percussion and stretched out samples. This rave
worthy track has a full sound that’s meant to pack a warehouse. The
futuristic production continues on this nuanced avant-techno track.

Svreca’s remix of Opulence is a mesmerizing dance track that works in
the tradition of minimal IDM as heard in LFO and AFX. Large
reverberating FM synth lines flow over a methodical pounding, with
white noise percussion and metallic samples, creating a deep and
layered audio landscape.

review by Stephen Surlin [FURS™]


ENDER™ on clubbing spain

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