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She dances, low slung hips churning this way and that, as hypnotic as water sucking filth down a drain. She rides an invisible horse, feeling its motions as it makes its way across barren land and into a sunset I can only describe as technicolor. Slinking this way and back that, occasional spasms of the flesh and my hands clutch denim to contain myself in my self-made captivity. Turns back to look at me amongst a landscape of crushed teeth in neon orange, jagged cracks splitting the earth, dust settling. Hair swirls, black against the turquoise sky. Eyes piercing, yellows and pinks rushing from her eyes, streaming down her face, running across bare flesh.

At night, we stargaze. It is absolutely black, the stars animated, bouncing this way and that as we’re summoned into sleepy sleeplessness by orchestral organisms that hum and vibrate the ground beneath us, shifting sand, dark, but illuminated as it runs through our fingers. Grain after grain shaking and rising and her hair standing on end into the air as we hit highs punctuated by distant chimes from a far off porch illuminated by a lime green bulb. A grandmother’s face glowing in desert nothingness.

She whispers into my ears, cold from moonlight, but I can’t hear her. I only feel. I feel coldness and lost. I feel lost. I feel lost. I feel lost. I myself am not lost, but something is gone. Her face grows red. Her eyes grow grey like steel and I grasp at frigid wrists and ankles and tear at hair brittle and broken and I lean back and the stars taunt and her hair fills my hands and her laugh turns to tin.

She seizes up, collapses, seizes. Weeps pink. Weeps all the colors of her that I found so appealing and they shatter into nothing, flaking from her face. Flaking and falling and illuminating the black sand and I’m gripping hair and gripping metal and gripping hair and gripping metal.

As the pink sun greets us. Her body continues to seize and I continue to scream into a vacuum. No one hears me. The grandmother on the porch continues on her porch. The sand vibrates. The light hates me; my skin burns and curls from my flesh. She sits up, finally, calmly and there is soothing somewhere in this moment. She looks deep into my eyes, her own an electric blue now and she smiles and her smile grows erratic and twitches and glitches and stills and glitches back once more as her hands dance towards her face and she pulls back her flesh to show me her wires.

Formed in the late 90s by Alex Retsis and George Aggelides, Qebo explore electronic music by combining organic elements, synthetic rhythms and glitchy sound design into structured fragments of information. Qebo’s journey into sound is currently being continued by Alex Retsis.

“Qebo- The Former Generations of Structure” will process you, chew you up and spit you out in a series of sequences that you may or may not comprehend.
~ Words via Sophia Warren.

ALBUM TITLE: “Qebo – The Former Generations of Structure”
TRACK TITLES: “Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8”

” Qebo were formed by Alex Retsis & George Aggelides in the late 90’s. Their first release was Flopper (CD, LP) from Vibrant Music / Basic Channel / EFA in 2003, and the second was Wroln (CD, Enhanced) from LO-Z Recordings in 2007. Qebo explore electronic music by combining organic elements, synthetic rhythms and glitchy sound design into structured fragments of information. Over the years, Qebo have performed live shows in Greece and many other European countries. Their journey into sound, is currently being carried forward by Alex Retsis. Music producer and sound designer Alex Retsis has been active in the field of discography, theatre, TV and advertisement since 1998. In 2012, he set up (along with George Apergis) two record companies – the techno label “Modular Expansion Records” and the experimental label “Anthropos-Mekhane”. He has performed concerts in Europe (England, Italy, France, Spain, Serbia and Norway; including the Institute of Arts in Berlin) and has participated in domestic festivals and events such as Synch, Bios, Mediaterra and many others. Alex Retsis is also the founder of Videogame Orchestra (VGO), a chiptune side-project act with George Aggelides. He recently became an endorsed artist of the Japanese synthesizer company KORG and the Greek representative BON STUDIO S.A, with his EMEX project alongside George Apergis. ”
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