Jay Haze – Caliwood EP


Jay Haze – Caliwood EP
cat# DU-BNKA2

Crawling through vines, hacking sideways into gnarled knuckles and knots of wood grain, entwined since ancient times, eating through stone, growing from earth to steamy lavender sky and back down. They crouched beneath the arches, smiling amongst purple flowers. They gasped, faces turned to stone, mimicking the carved women holding trays of sweets in the tangled forest, beckoning in whispers made of heated exhalation and exclamation. Come. Come to us. Let us take you.

Somewhere underneath a cloak of light, there are chimes shuddering leaves. Harmony from all direction. They watch comets streak across the darkened sky as night swirls in in its chilling glory like a tumbling frozen fog, ice crystals colliding, throwing prisms to rain down on the fertile soil.

Faces caked in mud, dried foliage woven into matted hair, blue eyes peering out from furrowed brows. Exfoliating their filthy feet with wet sand from gurgling springs. The journey has been long, but the steps appear, startling after the endless trek.

Looking up, another journey is yet to begin. The chimes are louder hear, the beating drums coming up from the soil, pulsing, churning in their soles and souls and guts.

Somewhere above, the Tibetan space temple hums. They hear it. They are coming.

Pennsylvania-born and Berlin-based, Jay Haze began studying music at the young age of eight and plays a plethora of instruments including guitar, cello, bass, and trumpet. In the early 2000s, Jay found himself at the forefront of the digital revolution when he co-founded Textone. Jay has put a lot of his efforts towards fundraising for various causes including the Democratic Republic of Congo, tsunami relief in Asia, and many more.

He releases under several monikers including Fuckpony, Subversion, and Bearback. He has released on labels such as Cocoon, Get Physical, Soma, Kitty-Yo, etc. He also runs several labels — TuningSpork, Futuredub, Contexterrior, and Junion.

cat# DU-BNKA2

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