for elizabeth.


renoise works from 2012 to 2016
tracked and mixed by curt hurry at datamask engineering in las vegas, nevada

track 7 is a remix of an ilkae module with the filename “29.xm”

special thanks to aaron munson, kero, zachary gray, lassi nikko, riley mccarthy, kynes and henkka kyllönen. shouts to my 702 valley clique, datamask and lightcones crew, my loved ones.

I was born in North Hollywood in early 1997, gaining consciousness long after the 90s tracker scene began to slow down. For nine years I’ve been in love with tracker software like Renoise and Schism Tracker, sparked by the mystique the 90s module scene presented to me in my pre-teens. In late 2011, I was invited into the #inpuj irc channel by Aaron Munson (ilkae) and brought into contact with many artists who crafted the modules that had inspired me so much. The spirit of sample-based module tracking born from .MODs to .ITs extends into my vision of Renoise today, using it as less of a VSTi host and more like the FastTracker III of my dreams.

Mastered by Speekrcreep

artwork by ultrabianka

ghostwerk URL:

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