Iku – Imagination EP //// [DU-KLNK2]


Iku – Imagination EP
cat# [DU-KLNK2]

Tremendous sheets of metal puncture the surface of the earth and glimmer, rushing towards the turbulent sun. Amongst the chorus of their edges scraping again rock and soil and dust and air and sky, brushing against blue, swollen blue, is the sound, the shuffle, contractions and extensions, of a worm burrowing deep beneath a man’s feet. The rush of a passing subway train, the gap between the cars and platform humming its energetic hymns.

People pulsing in the wake of disappearing this and that, shoulders rubbing, wool jacket against wool jacket, nylon meeting nylon, friction amplified by eager ears, a deafening that cannot be escaped. Sassy whispers in lost alleys amongst decomposing reality and future. Words indistinguishable, a serpent sliding its tongue between it own lips and slipping into his mouth, licking the inside of one cheek and the next. Slithers, eyes open, vertical pupils, waiting in the dark. Pale flesh and lost thoughts and broken phrases, reclining amongst a beat that forces the release of all that pent up sexual tension, revealing itself amongst swiveling waists and dashing eyes.

Noise that eats at the core of it all, leaving crumpled intestines spilled across concrete. Noise, organic and foreign all at once, known from a past life, a womb, an enclosure, from beneath the fluid. Drifting into a beat known and unknown, shifting from rigidity and into leisurely smiles and an undone top button.

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Tokyo-based noise artist, Ikuko Morozumi (otherwise known as Iku), is a life-long musician who began playing piano at a young age and was a participant in the band culture of the late nineties. Using her computer and synthesizers, she builds worlds of sound and vibration.

‘Imagination’ is Ikuko Morozumi’s first EP release with Detroit Underground. It features a remix by Qebo.

日本の電子音楽家Ikuko Morozumi/Iku。幼少の頃からピアノを始め、吹奏楽やバンド活動を経て90年代後半からシンセサイザーとコンピューターを組み合わせた音作りを始める。グリッチノイズやピアノなどを生かした作品がメインである。
2015年、elementperspective より「Paradise」「Object」をリリース。精力的にライブ活動を行っている。

W+P by Ikuko Morozumi/Iku
Design by: Mark Klink
Mastered: by Royce G Design



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