Gabriela Penn – Mind EP – DU-KLNK3

Gabriela Penn – Mind EP – cat#DU-KLNK3

Sun sets over heated earth, grass, asphalt, sand. Ground steams and rubber soles adhere to sticky concrete, concrete slick and polished from the impressions of thousands of feet. Drinks trickle down already moist wrists as shoulders swing and hips plummet. Knock this way and that into a man with eyes closed and head back. Into a woman who shuffles feet with parted lips. You smile at the glimmer of her face and her hollow stare. You cut through seas of people and move towards light and bass. You drift toward energy. You raise your hands. You cannot see them but you feel the heat above the floor. You feel the zinging, pulsating heat and you are, momentarily, shocked. Eyes open wide but see only distant light and colors that may or may not be there. You are very much awake in what is very much night.

‘Mind’ is Amsterdam-based techno artist, Gabriela Penn’s second release on Detroit Underground.
released February 15, 2016

track 2 “Arb” features 100 kilo maarten.

Gabriela Penn

Design by Mark Klink


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