Oliver Dodd – Rhea – [DU-LAB7]


Growing up in Atlanta in the late eighties, Oliver Dodd began producing music at the young age of twelve.

‘Rhea’ is Dodd’s first release with Detroit Underground.

Design by Monochrome Laboratory™

Made on 100% Eurorack modular.


Someone put me in a box with loose objects and they shook it.

There is nothing sexier that a spine that glows in the dark, snaking back and forth with the rise and fall of each hip with each step. Leading the way down a hallway that never seems to end as blinded creatures grasp at bare ankles and reach for their hollowed eyes and scratch at their translucent flesh so full of empty veins. Toothless gaping smiles and harsh whispers that come from deep within the stomach and nowhere from the lungs. Whispers full of bile and acid. Nearly inaudible but felt as they echo through the static of my mind. White noise emphasized by punchy bass that rips my intestines from my body and leaves them trailing behind like breadcrumbs to lead me home.

Occasionally, she stops and convulses in such chaotic spasms that I want to grab her and hold her and shake her hard and slam her against the cement wall as her heeled feet smash the little hands that still scramble to hold her. Push my frigid mouth to hers and breathe whatever air is left.

But then she’s back and all I can see is her glowing spine, lighting up her hair, cropped close, a silver scar, presumably from a razor, shining right in the crevice where the skull meets the neck, my favorite place to rest my nose if she’d let me.

We pass rooms of people. They love her. They cry for her. They scream her name. Rhea. Rhea. Rhea. The murmur moves from mouth to mouth, passed by saliva and hiding in the cracks of one dried mouth and into the next, in the crevices of broken lips and busted mouth. She bites her own and spits blood into their mouths and they are baptized in her unholy holiness and they lick with serpent tongues and they reach for her glowing spine, but she swats their hands and they blindly scatter, drifting and hunching and gliding all at once into corners.

And we continue down the hallway. I follow that spine for an eternity. I feel their claws, their nails bury into my ankles and I know that one day, I will become one of them. One day my flesh will fade and I will be left blue and grasping, murmuring. Rhea. Rhea. Rhea.






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