Isis is the ancient Egyptian goddess; the ideal mother, wife and patroness of nature and magic. She is the divine friend of slaves, sinners, artisans and the downtrodden.

ISIS is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria; self-proclaimed caliphate claiming religious authority over all Muslims across the world.

I̡̡͕S̵̡̡I̡̧̡S̡̡͝I̡̡͎S̡̡̀ is a London-based 21 year old tech/security programmer born in Luxor, Egypt.

I̡̡͕S̵̡̡I̡̧̡S̡̡͝I̡̡͎S̡̡̀ believes the military is usurping Isis’ energy as a deliberate neuro linguistic programming method to change the consciousness of the energy of ISIS. This project rebrands the divine feminine that is the original ISIS, through the concept of ISISIS… This is Isis 3.0

I̡̡͕S̵̡̡I̡̧̡S̡̡͝I̡̡͎S̡̡̀ is now recording for Detroit Underground…

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