JESSE SOMFAY – Bright Black Borealis – DETUND 14

Artist: Somfay cat# DU™14
Title: Bright Black Borealis


Virga Widow
Soak Scalene
All Above All
Already Blank Face
Drumcell Remix

Somfay makes his debut on Detroit Underground with four tracks of opiate bliss entitled “Bright Black Borealis” inspired from within the corona of lucid dreams. Slowing down the use of his birth name on his work, this is the last record he will release under the name Somfay for some time while he focuses on developing his various new projects under several aliases.

“Bright Black Borealis” was recorded during late winter of 2010 and came about from intense lucid dreaming where the record’s title originated from a specific dream where Somfay floated and flew quietly over dry autumn crops, meadows and forests under a pitch black sky which somehow was electrically bright while remaining dark at the same time. The sky instantly lit up with fast morphing and elegant loops of foggy green aurora, one of which descended slowly until it reached his head, and wrapped entirely around him, causing his mind to blank out in meditative bliss.

The works within this record, although very much capable of being utilized in a dancing environment, all hold within them at their core the moods of this main lucid dream and others around the same period of time. ‘Already Blank Face’ is motorik and broken in its centre of rhythm where ionized melodies wrap themselves around the heady rhythms in pulsing nighttime cloud formations while ‘All Above All’ is a more squiggly affair with early acid influences and a more straight forward, to the point, rhythm section which evolves into a shuddering ball of glowing melody towards its conclusion. ‘Virga Widow’ is carries twilight hues heavily on its shoulders where both moonlight and neon blood red fading evening sunlight coalesce into a blanket of effervescing, hypnotic melodies, held together by a steady, heavy, diamond grit encrusted rhythm section while ‘Soak Scalene’ takes a more abstract approach to hypnosis with mesmeric and warm sampling which weaves in and out of itself twisting around a bent rubber, binary, maze of plasticized percussion.

12″ vinyl

Mastered by :


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