In the first-ever collaborative DetunD/BWLR release, we are proud to announce the December 2011 vinyl release of BWLR Angel Trax EP1, featuring tracks by
Highsage, Steve Kuehl, Raiz Acid and Roman Debnar

:: Artist Info ::
Highsage (aka Acid Trace) – Highsage produces techno and acid with machines in the classic Detroit TR-style of programming. An avid synth lover and beta
tester for Elektron and other synth manufactures, and a DIY bender. With releases out on Napalm Enema (Can), AC Records (Berlin) and now Detund, he’s
quickly becoming known for hard analog techno, twisted time signatures, and psychedelic use of FX.
Steve Kuehl – A native to the Detroit area, has a passion for Techno : Minimal : Acid : Ambient : Electronic music. Influenced by countless events in the early to
mid-90’s, Steve Kuehl began mixing and playing at such places as the Packard, and other Detroit venues as well as in Windsor and the mid-west. Recently
thrust back into the scene, Steve Kuehl has been driven to produce music that will inspire, with influences from the old Detroit sounds with a new look toward the
future in the ever evolving electronic music industry, utilizing the latest technology. Steve Kuehl started a concept series to convey his new musical interests :
brainwavelabs concept series (now rev. 2.0)(perceptual beginnings for BWLR // brainwave lab recordings). Closely converging on the collaborative
DetunD/BWLR release; BWLR EP1 will add unique culture to the electronic music community.
Raiz Acid – With early influences from his father and the LA underground music scene, Raiz Acid found common ground with producer / performer Drumcell,
and in 2002 formed the Droid Behavior event production group and record label. Raíz fully harnesses the capabilities of Traktor, Ableton, and Maschine
technology to create a thick blend of Detroit influenced techno and gritty house. Taking cues from years of classical training to infuse dynamic musical
expression with a delicate balance of mixing board acrobatics and symbiotic intuition. Years of production experience from the Live PA / Digital DJ hybrid
approach, which uses each track’s core essentials to form a narrative arch for every unique set. Releases follow suit and take only key elements from each
rhythmic style to shape simplistic and deep music that captures diverse influences and personal impressions.
Roman Debnar (DJ Bassfrog) – Roman has been playing at some of Detroit’s best electronic music events since 1995. Now producing high quality vinyl for the
minimal techno enthusiasts, Roman has several records out under the “Release Records” banner mostly all original works and has worked on remix projects
with many artists such as Optic Nerve. His releases have been popular with Radio1 and gained ratings on the charts overseas. Roman’s releases have set a
mark for what to expect from with his unique minimal, acid, techno style. Substantial release matter is expected from Roman Debnar in the coming year
beginning with his first works, now finally released on Detund!

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