Adam Jay – Corpora – DUAO4


Some cities are known for their musical legacies. Indianapolis, Indiana is not one of them.

Its proximity to Chicago and Detroit has informed much of the musical core of the techno players, while setting it far enough apart for artists to have developed their own particular variations on the sound. But Indianapolis is a city that occupies a strange place of attempting to progress toward a more modern metropolis, while being constantly pulled back by conservative ideas and adherence to “tradition.”

Adam Jay is an artist who has spent decades pushing his sound toward the future while also being pulled by the realities around him. On this new album “Corpora”, he delves into the sounds of electro, connecting the dots between Detroit’s techno futurism and the Midwest urban reality of the 21st century.

Combining the accessibility of modern, portable synthesizers with his preferred live method of composing music, Adam found his groove balanced between the dark and the light, marrying the bounce of electro and bass with the darker tension of arpeggiated synths and slightly offbeat melodic notions.

The resulting album is full of twists and turns, referencing the future-past of Detroit electro, while pushing his music firmly against the slightly disorienting space of a city perpetually in stasis while time moves inexorably forward.

~Words by DJ Shiva
released June 14, 2016


W+P by Adam Jay

Cover design by Alan Oldham


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