With Paralellabyes and the “Lil’ Dog Toes” 7-inch, ‘FYTE establishes themselves firmly in the ranks of the new IDM pioneers at Detroit Underground while maintaining their legacy as the rascals of sonic buffoonery. Sparse shifting textures, lush spatial treatment, and their trademark mischievous editing lead you into unexpected sonic territory. At once moody and whimsical, organic and structured, a combination of crisp sound design and fluid processing explore the depths of cold digital space. ————————————————————————————- Included is a jaw dropping re-invention of bossFYTE’s 2012 single “Think About It”, brought to you by none other than the godfather of generative modular exploration, Richard Devine. Expect nothing less than his signature brew of fractured rhythmic patterns, massive impacts, and morphing futuristic abstraction. ————————————————————————————- “Paralellabyes is an inspiring collection of tracks. The Intricate textured rhythms and dark moody melodies on this album make it one of my favorite releases of this year. ” – Richard Devine “Paralellabyes depicts a curious universe encompassed by cold metallic sound design, and industrial landscapes. Silence and restraint is implemented in an ingenious way. It invokes a semblance of exploration and discovery into new futuristic and apocalyptic worlds. ” – Qebrus Graphics by: The Designers Republic ( www.thedesignersrepublic.com ) As component of the Atoms Vectors Pixels Ghosts™ series. #AVPG